Biggleswade Churches Together

affiliated to
Churches Together in Bedfordshire

Despite restrictions on what were allowed to do the churches have been very active!

 Gradually and cautiously we are we are reintroducing  face to face meetings whilst continuing to make full use of technology to be as inclusive as possible.

Contact our Chairman Alan Dansey on 01767 310163 for general enquiries.


St Andrew’s Anglican

Trinity Methodist

St Peter’s Catholic

Biggleswade Baptist

Newlife Church

Pentecostal Church


Churches Together in Biggleswade comprises six Churches. On this site you will find details of joint services and other activities. Also links to information about each Church.

Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here but if not feel free to contact us via email or phone 01767 310163

What’s Happening?

Here is a message sent from us to everyone in the town.